Motor Controllers

Add a motor controller to OnSite for even more control

what is a motor controller?

A BENCO Motor Controller is a simple, manual way to control the pressure in any system driven by an electric pump.  It varies the amount of power going to the pumps on your system, like a dimmer on a light. This turns the system pressure up or down, increasing or decreasing flow rates to your nozzles and changing the rate at which your liquid is applied to the field. This may not be as advanced as the fully automated systems, but it achieves similar results for a fraction of the cost.

Add a motor controller for precise application rate control

  • BENCO Motor Controllers precisely adjusts the pressure in the system.
  • OnSite FMS precisely monitors the flow rates going to each nozzle.

This is an ideal companion to OnSite FMS, which monitors the exact flow rate of liquid going to each row in real time. With BENCO Motor Controls varying pressure and OnSite monitoring flow rates, you get full application rate control and real time monitoring of your application rates without the expense of a full precision ag system.

BENCO Products Motor Controllers
PWM Controller
BENCO Products Motor Controllers
BENCO Motor Control without gauge, MSC30-NG. Perfect for OnSite FMS!


Manual 12V Motor Controller without a gauge. A perfect match for OnSite. Lets you control system pressure based on OnSite's flow rates.

BENCO 12V Motor Control with digital display, MSC30-DD


Manual motor controller with digital gauge displaying gallons/acre. Uses a remote pressure sensor so no liquid is run into the cab.

BENCO 12V Motor Control with stainless steel gauge, MSC30-SSG


Manual 12V Motor Controller with analog pressure gauge. Our least popular unit as you must run a pressurized line to the unit.

PWM Controller
BENCO 12V PWM Motor Control, MSC30-MOD


Uses the Pulse Width Modulation signal from your field computer to adjust pressure automatically several times per second.

Why Use a motor Controller?

Motor controllers are a little old-school, and that’s just how we like it. BENCO Motor Controllers give you the ability to achieve extremely accurate application rates in the field for several hundred dollars instead of tens of thousands of dollars. Because our system varies the pump output directly, we can adjust system pressure faster and and maintain it more accurately than the traditional butterfly valves. As an added bonus, you’ll generally see longer life from your pumps as well.

  • Combine with OnSite Flow Monitoring System for real-time feedback of true control of your liquid application rates
  • Gives you complete control with a single knob right in your tractor’s cab for quick access
  • Ideal for the smaller operator who wants better control but can’t justify the high costs of a full precision system
  • Controls motor speed on any 12V electric pump
  • Varying the pumps gives quicker, more accurate adjustments while helping increase pump life
  • PWM version integrates with existing field computers to give more precise control
  • Vary your spray pressures on the fly from the comfort of your cab
  • Save on fertilizer costs – apply fertilizer on the areas that really need it, cut back on the areas that don’t
  • Get more precise pressure control and faster adjustment
  • 12V electric motors free up hydraulic circuits


A Simple economical choice

BENCO’s Motor Controllers are a simple alternative to the expense and complexity of a full precision setup. You can get the same precise control your application rates for a few hundred dollars rather than tens of thousands of dollars. 

Not only is the BENCO Motor Controller extremely affordable, it replaces expensive hydraulic pumps with more affordable electric pumps, potentially saving you thousands on the pump and freeing up a hydraulic circuit on your tractor.

BENCO Motor Controllers work with any system that uses electric pumps, regardless of manufacturer. The BENCO Motor Controller simply plugs in before the pump and controls the power to the pump. No additional hardware to upgrade.

BENCO Motor Controllers include a BENCO custom wiring harness to make installation a breeze. We have cables designed to work with almost any setup you could have. If you do run into problems, our skilled techs are here to help get your system up and running in no time.

Call 605.213.1010 to order yours today!

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