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OnSite FMS -easy flow monitoring software on 7" monitor

The easiest software in your planter.

OnSite software is designed for one thing. To make sure you have accurate information about the flow of in-furrow fertilizer you are putting down in your field. This clarity of focus means the system is incredibly easy to use.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the OnSite FMS is incredibly intuitive and easy to understand. Before you begin, you will just tell the system the speed and application rate you plan to run at. The system sets the centerline according to this setting. The software knows exactly how much fluid should be going through each line on the planter for the perfect application rate and sets a center line at this rate for reference.

The readings of each row are represented by a single line of the bar graph. OnSite can monitor and display up to 60 rows at a time on the screen, however we generally recommend adding a second screen if you get much over 36 rows for legibility.  

Each row on your planter has it’s own digital flowmeter installed after the manifold. OnSite FMS then monitors these digital flowmeter readings in real-time for each row and displays the exact application rate to the nearest 1/10th of a gallon per acre (GPA) on the screen.

If a row goes below the line, it means that row is getting clogged. That row will turn red to alert you to the issue. If a row goes above the center line, it means it’s laying down more chemical than specified. Usually this means another row is getting clogged and it’s moving more fluid to compensate for the extra pressure.

The software is designed with 2 channels, giving you the ability to monitor two different chemicals at different application rates at one time. This usually requires two separate systems on the planter. Both systems can be set up to feed into a single monitor, however most customers opt for a second monitor to keep things easier.  

Want to see the software in action?

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