flowboard kits

OnSite FMS is a simple in-furrow liquid monitoring solution for agricultural planters

standard flowboard kits are a complete solution

OnSite FMS’ standard FlowBoard Kits are the simplest way to get up and running fast. 

The FlowBoards come preassembled for easy installation with your manifolds, flowmeters, OnSite modules, and Bluetooth modules already mounted, wired and plumbed together. 

Easy Installation in Four Steps 

  1. Bolt the preassembled FlowBoard to the planter
    Brackets with U-bolts to mount the FlowBoard to your planter’s toolbar come in the kit. If you already have a bracket from an old red ball system, you may be able to reuse the old bracket.
  2. Attach the lines going out to each row 
    OnSite FMS+ flow meters use John Guest style 3/8″ push fittings. Just attach your existing lines to the flow meter.
  3. Run power to the board
    On a wireless system, you’ll hook on to planter power (the harness is included).
    Wired systems get power from the harness running from the hitch.
  4. Install your Monitor in the cab and run power to it
    We supply the monitor, RAM brand adjustable mount, monitor cradle, and necessary harnesses with the kit. Connect the cradle wire to the harness and attach the harness to aux power in the cab to power the system.

    –  On a wireless kit once you have power you are done! 
    –  On a wired kit, you just have to run the harness out of the cab and down to the hitch to meet the FlowBoard harness.

OnSite FMS+ installation diagram

Most of the kit pictured above comes assembled for you to make installation quick and easy. The FlowBoard will have the manifold, flowmeters, Bluetooth module and OnSite module already installed, wired and plumbed together. 

If your planter has more than 12 rows, you will have multiple flow boards that must be connected with a Module-to-Module Cable. You will get these in your kit. Just mount the boards and run the Module-to-Module Cable from one to another like a daisy chain. The last FlowBoard in the chain will get a terminator at the end. The system will automatically detect all your modules. You can’t hook them up wrong! 

On Bluetooth systems, plug the Bluetooth Power Harness into the other end of the Module Harness. Connect the power harness to any 12V power source on the planter (other than a 12V pump power lead).

On Wired systems, you will conned the other side of the Module Harness to the Hitch-to-Module Harness. Power and signal will be transferred through this cable from the cab, connecting at the hitch.  

The included Display Kit comes with your 7″ touchscreen display with charging cradle, a genuine RAM Mount and the Power Harness. To install, just mount the adjustable RAM mount into the tractor, attach the cradle, and drop in your display. The power harness attaches to the cradle and can be run to almost any power source that is convenient. We recommend hooking directly to the battery, but the aux power ports in your cab work great. 

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Running Section control?
No problem.

OnSite FMS+ can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate most section control configurations at no additional cost. OnSite Smart Sense technology will automatically sense when sections shut off in the field and adjust to avoid false alarms on the monitor. No additional software or complex interactions with your field computer is required. Simple. Easy. Effective.

12 Channel board section options

12 row OnSIte FMS+ FlowBoard plumbed for 1 planter section.

Single Section

12 row OnSIte FMS+ FlowBoard plumbed for 2 planter sections with 6 rows each.

Dual Section

12 row OnSIte FMS+ FlowBoard plumbed for 3 planter sections with 4 rows each.

Triple Section

8 Channel board section options

8 row OnSIte FMS+ FlowBoard plumbed for 1 planter section.

Single Section

8 row OnSIte FMS+ FlowBoard plumbed for 2 planter sections with 4 rows each.

Dual Section

OnSite FMS+ is designed with a modular manifold system that allows us to easily adjust each FlowBoard to accommodate most section configurations on virtually any planter.

Every planter we have ever worked on is set up differently and yours is probably no exception. Give OnSite’s experts a call to discuss how your planter is configured and what options make the most sense for you. We will set up your system and ship it to you already configured and ready for installation!

Please note that OnSite only monitors flow rates, it does not control sections. You must use a third party rate controller to turn sections off and on.

Call OnSite today to talk about section options for your planter.

OnSite FMS Install Gallery
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