Wet Boom Kits

onsite FMS without the flowboards

Wet boom planters use a hard pipe (or boom) to move the liquid down the planter to the row units. Because there is a long boom instead of a central manifold, we just mount the flowmeters out near the row units themselves and run a much longer wire harness to each of the flowmeters.

Our standard kits can also be used on wet boom planters, but you will have to run hoses to the row units instead of the wire harness, just like a normal dry boom planter.  


Easy Installation in Five Steps 

  1. Install your flowmeters
    Flowmeters will be installed directly in line close to the row unit. Cut the line between the wet boom and the nozzle body where you want to mount the flowmeter. Use the barbed fittings included in the kit to install the flowmeter into the hose splice.
  2. Run the wire harness
    String the wire harness along the planter from flowmeter to flowmeter. It will generally follow the same path that the hoses are already run in, often sitting directly on top of the wet boom itself. 
  3. Plug in the OnSite FMS+ modules 
    The OnSite FMS+ modules will hang freely from the main trunk of the wire harness, usually near the center of the planter. If you are using two products, the harnesses will usually lay on top of each other and will be able to plug directly into each other without additional cables.
    –  For wireless systems, mount the Bluetooth module closer to the cab to avoid issues with signal loss on larger planters. We recommend staying within 50 feet of the cab.
  4. Run power to the system (Bluetooth only)
    On a wireless system, you’ll hook on to planter power (the harness is included).
    Wired systems get power from the harness running from the hitch.
  5. Install your Monitor in the cab and run power to it
    We supply the monitor, RAM Mounts brand adjustable mount, monitor cradle, and wire harnesses with the kit.
    –  On a wireless kit once you have power you are done!
    –  On a wired kit, you just have to run the harness down to the hitch to meet the FlowBoard harness.

Wet boom installation diagram

For wet boom planters, we eliminate the flowboards and add the flowmeters in-line right before your row unit. This is still a very simple install, but does require a much larger Flowmeter Harness that reaches out end-to-end on your planter.  

To install the flowmeters, find a spot in the flexible line between the wet boom and the nozzle body where you want to add your flowmeter and cut your hose. Your flowmeter will go right in-line where you cut. Your kit will have barbed fittings on both sides of the flowmeter that insert into hose in the splice you just cut. Secure the flowmeter to the planter with zip ties and plug in your Flowmeter Harness. The Flowmeter Harness usually just follows the wet boom, making installation simple. 

If your planter has more than 24 rows, you will have multiple OnSite Modules that must be connected together in a daisy-chain configuration. A Module Connection Harness. is included with your kit and are sized to fit your model of planter. The last module in the chain will get a terminator at the end. The system will automatically detect all your modules. You can’t hook them up wrong! 

  • On Bluetooth systems, the Power Harness plugs into the other end of the Module Harness and connects to any 12V power source on the planter.
  • If you are using a wired kit, the power will come through the harness from the tractor. The Hitch to Module Harness will run to the Flowmeter Harness in place of the Bluetooth Harness in the diagram above.  

The included Display Kit comes with your 7″ touchscreen display with charging cradle, a genuine RAM Mount and the Power Harness. To install, just screw the adjustable RAM mount into the tractor, attach the cradle, and drop in your display. The power harness attaches to the cradle and can be run to almost any power 12 volt 30 amp source that is convenient (though we recommend connecting to the battery). 

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